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Bright Solutions for Dyslexia

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia is an information and resource center whose mission is to increase awareness of dyslexia and ADD/ADHD by providing research-based information to parents, teachers, and other professionals.

Dyspraxia USA, NFP 

 Dyspraxia USA, NFP is financed entirely through donations and member subscriptions. We are working hard to provide you with information about, and personal stories from, people and families living with dyspraxia. This information gives valuable input to families of those struggling with this condition.


Council for Parent Attorneys & Advocates, Inc (COPPA)

Council for Parent Attorneys & Advocates, Inc. (COPPA) is an independent, nonprofit, §501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization of attorneys, special education advocates and parents. COPAA's mission is to be a national voice for special education rights and to promote excellence in advocacy. Their primary goal is to secure high quality educational services for children with disabilities.

COPAA was formed in 1998 and works to:

  • Enable parents to work more effectively with school personnel to plan and obtain effective educational programs for their children with disabilities;
  • Encourage more attorneys and advocates to undertake representation of parents of children with disabilities in their efforts to plan and obtain effective educational programs;
  • Provide advocate, attorney, parent and other professional COPAA members with the practical resources and information they need to obtain effective educational programs for students with disabilities;
  • Enable members to network and share information and legal resources;
  • Provide training for lay advocates on all aspects of special education advocacy and informal conflict resolution;
  • Provide training for attorneys on legal practice: including due process, litigation, and informal conflict resolution;
  • Enable parents to locate advocates and attorneys through COPAA's website directory;
  • Files amicus curiae briefs in cases of national significance. 


Early Steps  

Early Steps offers early intervention services for families with infants and toddlers (birth to thirty-six months) who have developmental delays or an established condition likely to result in a developmental delay. Sixteen contracted local Early Steps across the state coordinate with community agencies and other contracted providers for the delivery of needed supports and services.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) 

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 127,000 members and affiliates who are speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists in the United States and internationally.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a United States Federal Law that governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education, and related services to children with disabilities.  I addresses the educational needs of children ages birth to 26 in cases that involve 13 specified categories of disablity.

In defining the purpose of special education, IDEA 2004 clarifies Congress' intended outcome for each child with a disability: students must be provided a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) that prepares them for further education, employment and independent living.

Special Education qualifying disabilities under the IDEA include:

  • Mental retardation
  • Hearing impairments (including deafness)
  • Speech or language impairments
  • Visual impairments (including blindness)
  • Serious emotional disturbance
  • Orthopediac
  • Autism
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Other health impairments & learning disabilities

Wright's Law

Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. Begin your search for information in the Advocacy Libraries and Law Libraries. You will find thousands of articles, cases, and free resources about dozens of topics. 

Learning Disabilities Association of America

The good news is that the Learning Disabilities Association of America is here to help! Since 1963, LDA has provided support to people with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and other professionals with cutting edge information on learning disabilities, practical solutions, and a comprehensive network of resources. These services make LDA the leading resource for information on learning disabilities.


National Autism Association 


Autism spectrum disorders are complex and often difficult to understand for families and professionals alike. The National Autism Association is here to offer information and support to everyone affected by this rapidly growing disorder.

There are numerous theories on the cause of autism including genetics, environmental exposures, and vaccinations. The National Autism Association will provide the most current research and information available, and will help to fund critical research needed to find the cause.

There are many diverse treatments available in biomedical, educational, therapeutic, and dietary fields. The National Autism Association will provide information on each area of treatment and will offer support and networking to help you find the treatment your family needs. 

Many families touched by autism face tragedies of various kinds, and they are often magnified by the disability. With help from the autism community and beyond, the National Autism Association will provide needed assistance to as many families as possible.

The National Autism Association strongly believes that there are effective treatments for autism spectrum disorders as well as a long awaited cure for the millions of families affected. Please join us on our journey of help, hope, and healing.  Together, anything's possible.


 Think Autism.  Think Cure. TM 

 Communication 4 All- C4A Academy
 C4A Academy is a program of internet-based instructional videos to teach nonspeakers how to type, free of charge. Please note that when we say “type” we include pointing to letters as well as pressing them on a keyboard. In every case, it would be preferable to have a live expert providing the coaching and training, but we know that is not always financially or logistically possible.

C4A Academy includes free written lessons you will need to implement the program, a Facebook group, supplies, and other resources like “Ask an Expert” that will help you on your journey. We are launching with ten videos: Elizabeth’s welcome, seven instructional videos, and two background videos. We will expand our library of videos over time and want your feedback so we can constantly improve.

The mission is communication for ALL!


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