In Loving Memory

Fought Like a Girl:

Always Supporting One of Our Own...


     On May 25, 2011, Our Beloved Sharon was given the news that she had cancer.  As you can expect, the news took our breath away.  Sharon had no symptoms or warnings until a week before she was diagnosed. 
     We felt sadness and frustration for both Sharon and her family.  Sharon and her husband have two teenage daughters.  Also, Sharon is the Aunt of two autistic children.  Her family was overwhelmed with the news.
     Sharon fought for her life.  She fought this disease with all the passion and perseverance that she had demonstrated throughout her life.  A member of the National Guard for eight years, a homeschool teacher to an autistic child, and an office worker in this crazy atmosphere, this woman does not shy away from a battle.  We, as her co-workers and friends, were there to support her every step of the way. 
     Sharon went through radiation treatment and chemotherapy.  We have admired her bravery and continued positive attitude despite everything she has had to go through.  Unfortunately, the cancer took over and we lost a dear friend, co-worker, mother, wife, etc. She will always have a place in our hearts!
We miss and love you Sharon!!

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